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Purely Magnetic Motors Do Not Work!

This site contains records of my theories, hopes and experimental results. It is not complete and likley never will be, my experients simply failed to produce the results I had hoped for.

 Unfortunately not a single person has ever been able to demonstrate a working purely magnetic motor. The magnetic forces, no matter how the magnets are oriented cancel each other out resulting in a balance which when friction is factored in always results in a loss.

If you see someone claim to have a working purely magnetic motor, be careful and check the details. Do they need to spin it up to get it started? If they do then that is the source of the extra energy, all they have done is make that motion last longer, but if you add a load so hat you can capture the energy, it grinds to a halt rapidly.

Check out the Template Designer and my Experiments pages for more details about my experiments. When I made this site I had a grand dream of a self sustaining magnetic motor for under $20K that would run my home. It is what the world needs, but I failed to find the answers, but I still hope and dream that some great person will find the answer.

No Relation to Troy Reed

I get a lot of calls looking or Troy Reed. I don't know him, I hadn't even heard of him till after I created this website and people started calling. It is a pure coincidence that he also woked on magnetic motors.

Perpetual Motion is Impossible

Many people try to classify purely Magnetic Motors as a perpetual motion machine, but they are not. Perpetual motion is impossible. You can't get something for nothing and that is never going to change. The key is realizing that creating energy from nothing is impossible, but converting energy from one form to another is a reality. People do it in many ways every day.

When you put a battery in a analog clock, the hands move in a circle and it can run for a very long time on that small source of energy. Hook up a solar or wind generator to that same clock and it will run even longer without the need for another source of power. That is, as long as the sun is up or the wind is blowing. As long as there is a source of input power, converting energy to motion can be pretty simple.

If someone coudl find the right ballance of forces, a purly Magnetic Motor might seem to run unpowered forever, but that is an illusion. There is a power source, the magnets. Like a battery, the power is put into a magnet when it is first created. Again, like a battery, as the magnet is used, a tiny bit of its energy is lost. The Magnetic Motors will not run forever, only about an estimated 400 years, and that assumes the parts that move don't wear out, and they will over enough time. Ok, it runs a lot longer than it would on a battery, but it's still the same basic idea.

Magnets are a Balanced System

We have all seen magnets in action. Like poles repeal and opposites attract, this is simple physics. Because magnets are a balanced system, most of the time, the power of the north pole on a magnet is exactly the same strength as the power of the south pole. The best you can hope for when using the power of the poles, under ideal conditions, is perfect unity. In reality you can't even achieve that. (Note: unity just means getting out the same amount of energy as you put in)

If you try to place a load on the system, such as trying to generate electricity, it may work for a short period, but in the end it will require more energy to keep it running than you can possibly generate. You can't get more out than you put in, over-unity just isn't possible. (Note: over-unity means you get more energy out than you put in. This will never happen)

To avoid the balanced nature of magnets we would need to avoid the force of repulsion altogether. Instead, we'd use a repeating pattern of dual attraction, with separate magnets pulling on each side of a 3rd magnet at the same time. This is one of the design paramaters of the Template Designer you'll find on this site.

Frustrated Magnets are the Secret

The real key is that magnets want to be happy. So what makes a magnet happy? Well there are two ways. They are happy to be alone or they are happy to be fully mated with another magnet. What frustrates a magnet? That's simple, there are also two ways to frustrate a magnet, and that is partial attraction or partial repulsion. A magnet will exert great force to avoid being frustrated, either by pushing another magnet away, or by pulling it in closer. This power of frustration applies until the magnet is happy.

We know, this just sounds silly, but visit more of the site to see what we mean. Here is a hint: Ever seen a dog race? The dogs want to catch that silly rabbit but the track operators won't let them, instead they tease the dogs to get them to run as fast as they can around the track. How about a carrot hanging from a stick in front of a horse? The horse just can't catch that carrot, but it keeps trying. Ok, this isn't the scientific way to explain how a truely Magnetic Motor works, but we hope it helps millions of people to visualize and understand the process anyway.